Saturday, February 16, 2008

the monkey king

well, the chinese government does not like blogger. ): they block it, so bens is unable to access/update his blog. he just finished a two week vacation where he got to visit guiline & rent mopeds & see the sights & also go on a really cool hike, yang shuo & see old chinese architecture, & sanya where he got to go to the beautiful {& warm} beaches & visit monkey island! and he got bit by a monkey!!! here's how he described monkey island...
"First off mothers protect babies.....i think you know where im going with this. So i did not get a video of me getting attacked but sharon and Kali did. I was trying to feed this little baby that was up in a tree and the mom jumped on my leg and bit me so hard! Its bruised and cut. She did not cut through my pants but my leg would suggest otherwise. It was hilarious. The video is not very good cuz she was not really ready. You see me in the corner getting bit. After she bit me i screamed (like a girl) and fell to the ground. Ha ha. The girls are of course not letting the scream go. It is on video and it is rather high pitched. If a monkey lunged at you i guarantee you would scream too. Monkey island was incredible. It was a one hour bus ride and then we boarded a ski lift with cable cars that brought us high above the pretty water. We then got dropped off on the island. Monkeys were everywhere. We were with a guide for the first hour and saw two shows. I dont think i have ever laughed so hard in all my life and i mean that. I will just go ahead and tell the story. So they are having monkeys do all these tricks like tight rope, biking, walking on hands etc. It is all monkeys and then they had a mini horse come out (rob and big came to mind) and monkeys rode on the horse. It was cool and very entertaining. Now the funny part. From the side of the stage comes this goat and he was huge. At first i thought he was going to just stand there and the monkeys were going to balance on his horns. No that was not the case. This huge goat climbs the ladder and gets on the tight rope!!! My jaw just dropped and i didnt know whether to clap or laugh. I looked at the girls and i just lost it. This goat was amazing and filled with talent...a true showman."
i love how he said everything, retelling those stories would not have been the same! well, i'll also post a few of the pictures he's sent. uploading pictures here takes forever, so sorry i'm not going to post them all!

this is benson in a chinese hospital. he hurt his ankle playing basketball, but it's all better now.

this is benson with his bike & his infamous wig!!!

the skyline on a foggy day {i forgot what city this is in, sorry!}

these are a few of the cute little boys he's taught.

well, he's back in zhongshan now & will be teaching 8 & 9 year olds basic reading. he's loving it there!!!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

morph explanation

becky and i decided to see who i looked like. Yeah it turns out i look more like women than men.


Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Expect "good things" in Feb-June

I will do a better job with this blog when i am in China.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

No more UPS

so i dont work for ups anymore. the shifts were not long enough. I now work for a landscaping company. I drive a truck and trailor and work with two mexicans. Winter lawns are my passion. Its cool cuz my boss is in my ward and he gives me tuesday and thursday off for school and loads up monday, wednesday and friday with hours. I like getting dirty and trying to speak spanish. I will get pictures of it monday and post them on here. It is a dandy. Well sorry my blog is boring...ttyl

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

UPS night shift

thats right i now work the UPS night shift. 1030 to 300. I love it. I like physical work and everyone there is nice to me. I hope to set a record for packages scanned and loaded...i need to have the eye of the tiger though cuz my competition is a black man who is said to be "unbeatable" in fact i hear he does three times the average worker. Anyways its hard to post pictures about is because they dont let cameras past security i think. I will try agian though. Well i am a lazy blogger but expect me to be better.

Sunday, September 9, 2007